This fundraiser has ended. We raised over $2,400 for Pryce and his family!

Thank you to all who helped us help Pryce!

Pryce is a three year old little boy who was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in August 2018. Neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer and requires lengthy and difficult treatments. Pryce has begun chemo and will have several long hospital stays over the next several months. The Little French Market is partnered with DeBella and Purposeful Homemaking to raise money to help Pryce and his family.  

Becky from Purposeful Homemaking is Pryce's aunt and graciously offered to include her nature studies in the fundraiser, free of charge, as a thank you for participating. You can read more about the nature studies by clicking on the links below. Thank you, Purposeful Homemaking!

Nature Based Character Development Unit Study: Bee Kind   

Nature Based Character Development Unit Study: Diligence  

Please pray for Pryce and his family during these difficult days. Specific requests include: 

1) That God would grant complete healing of Pryce's body.

2) That the side effects from treatment would be minimal and well-tolerated.

3) For Pryce's four older siblings and parents as they watch Pryce go through treatments and have many emotions to process. 

4) For Pryce's doctors and parents to have wisdom as they move forward with treatments.

5) For much grace and peace for Pryce's entire family.

Ben and Katie (Pryce's parents) are so grateful for the support they are receiving and have continued to express how thankful they are for all who are praying and helping their family.

If you would like to follow Pryce's updates, please follow them at Prayers for Pryce.

Three year old Pryce with his parents and four older siblings.

Three year old Pryce with his parents and four older siblings.

This fundraiser sale has ended.